Staying Healthy

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The personal choices we make have a big impact on our health. Bad choices like smoking increase our risk of a serious disease.  A disease that can affect your health is diabetes.  Healthful choices like eating fruit or getting exercise can help you get and stay healthy. We want you to know ways to be well. The links below will help you learn more about how to stay healthy.

Community Events

Check this webpage for the dates and places of CoventryCares Corner Events. 

Focus on Kids Health

Read tips on how to keep your child well.

Develop a Healthy Lifestyle

Learn how to have a healthy lifestyle.

Quick-read Pamphlets

Print out pamphlets on topics such as Tip Top Teeth, Healthy Habits, and Healthy Baby, Healthy You.

Women's Care

Learn more about health problems you may face.

Health Education Modules

Click here for CoventryCares health education class modules on a variety of topics.

Learn More About Staying Healthy

Medical Emergency
Learn more about what a medical emergency is.
First Aid Tips
Learn about specific types of First Aid.
Medical Conditions
Learn about your disease.  Make informed health care decisions and stay healthy. 
Community Resources
Find helpful resources in your community.

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